Parish Centennial Prayer

We thank you, Gracious God,
for our faith and for this place of worship and community,
which has nourished many souls
and continues to nurture the faith of all who come seeking spiritual life.

You have sown the deep seeds of faith in the waters of countless baptisms,
and caused St. James Parish to flourish for a hundred years
through the fidelity of those who pray here,
and the generosity of those who serve here.

May we take hope and find courage in what we celebrate:
the strong faith of our ancestors;
the friendship of family and neighbors;
the generous leadership of our Redemptorist pastors; and
the goodness of each person willing to reach out and be there in times of need.

May we celebrate this year filled with hope,
knowing that the people of St. James believe in your constant Presence.
May we accept your Grace, share your Love,
and celebrate your Life with one another,
as a Eucharistic Community of Life and Love. Amen