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April 28, 2013

RE: Religious Education Registration for the 2014-2015 School Year

Dear Parents,

This letter provides information regarding registration for the 2014-2015 Parish Religious Education (PRE) school year. Please take the time to read through this material, so as to be fully informed regarding the upcoming year.

All children who will receive religious instruction at St. James, who will receive sacraments at St. James Parish during the 2014-2015 school year, or who will be home schooled for Religious Education during the 2014-2015 school year, must be registered.

Registration: Begins on Saturday, May 31, 2014, from 9AM until 1PM in St. James Hall. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. The St. James Parish Hall entrance will open at 8:30AM. If you are unable to be here on June 2nd, here are other options to register your child(ren):
1. Send a proxy to register on your behalf on May 32st; OR - beginning June 2rd -
2. Register on the Parish website.
3. Register at the RE Office; or
4. Return the registration materials by mail.
PRE Schedule: Regular classes will begin on Sunday, September 28th and Wednesday, October 1st. The detailed RE School Year Calendar will be emailed to parents and will be posted to the parish website in August 2014.

Tuition: The tuition remains $100 per child and is capped at $200 per family. Tuition payments may be made annually, semiannually or quarterly. A minimum tuition deposit of $25 is asked at the time of registration. In addition to tuition, parents are also expected to volunteer at least once each year, for each student they have participating in the PRE Program. Please note that a limited “Parish Service In Lieu of Tuition Payment Program” is again offered, as a means of “paying” tuition through the use of your time and talents for the benefit of our parish. A summary of service opportunities is included with this letter. The opportunities listed are the only volunteer events that will be counted toward tuition for the coming year. If you have extraordinary circumstances and are unable to pay tuition or perform Service In Lieu of Tuition, please call me to discuss a tuition adjustment.

Special Learning Needs: If you child has special learning needs, we ask that you identify these needs for us on the medical form (enclosed). This information aids the RE Office and the catechists in planning lessons that will help your child (and all of the children) learn in a manner which best suits them. All children are welcome to participate in PRE Program!

Sacramental Preparation Years and Progress Assessment
The Diocese expects our children to be satisfactorily prepared to receive the sacraments and to make specific yearly progress in knowledge of and understanding of our Catholic Faith. Each year of religious instruction is part of the continuum that prepares your child for reception of the sacraments and augments the religious training that parent(s) provide in the Domestic Church - the family home - through the daily example of your lives. Therefore, it is important that each child continues in their faith formation, through family activities, participation in Sunday Mass, and the more formal instruction provided through home instruction (materials will be provided by St. James), participation in PRE classes, or religious instruction that is part of a parochial school curriculum. For the St. James PRE classes and home school instruction materials:
o Pre-school and Kindergarten focus on Bible stories, basic Catholic prayers, and loving others as God loves us.
o Grades 1-2 are the sacramental preparation period for reception of First Reconciliation and First Communion (the Diocese requires the equivalent of two years of preparation). Children must complete both years or the equivalent, before reception of these sacraments.
o Grades 3-4 focus on reinforcing understanding of these two sacraments, as well as introducing the other 5 sacraments and the Mass.
o Grade 5 focuses on Prayer, the Creed, the Church, and the Communion of the Saints.
o Grades 6-8 are the sacramental preparation period for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Students must complete these three years or the equivalent, before reception of Confirmation.
Study of Scripture and the lives of the Saints is incorporated in all of the years.

During sacramental preparation years, special events, seminars and retreats are held for the candidates, which your child is expected to attend. The requirements of these sacramental years will be thoroughly discussed at Parent Sacramental Preparation Meetings in September/October and apply to PRE, home schooled and parochial school students.

This year, written and/or oral tests will be given to students in Grades 2-8, to determine overall student progress in understanding our faith and assist in targeting lessons on subjects where they are most needed. Alternate test formats will be provided for students with special learning needs. Parents will be given the results of the tests.

Teen/Adult Confirmation: We will offer Confirmation Preparation classes for adults and for teens (G9-12). These classes will begin in October 2014, with Confirmation in Spring 2015. Candidates for any of these classes should register with the RE Office ASAP.

RCIA Preparation: Classes for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA prepares adults to enter the Catholic Church) will also begin again in September 2014. Candidates for any of these classes should register with the RE Office ASAP.

Parent Catechesis: To assist parents in your role as the “first and best catechist of their children,” we are again offering Faith Formation classes for parents. These classes will be held in St. James Hall at the same time that your children have class. Each week, a different topic will be presented. Attendance is voluntary and free. A schedule of classes and topics will be provided with the detailed RE calendar in August. These classes are referred to as “SIP & DIP.” You are also encouraged to attend other faith Formation events sponsored by the parish.
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2014 Vacation Bible School (July 22- 25, 2013) A Registration form for “Mary, Mother of Us All!” our 2014 Vacation Bible School, is enclosed. The registration form is also available in the RE Office and (will be) on the Parish Website. VBS is open to all children ages 2 (who are potty trained) and older, within St. James Parish and the surrounding community! Registration closes Sunday, July 21, 2013. Assisting with VBS is one way that parents can fulfill Service in Lieu of Tuition commitments, and students (Grades 6-8) can earn Confirmation service hours.

RE Fundraising Project: For the past several years, we have raised funds to help offset that portion of the RE budget which is used for special activities, like VBS and Breakfast with St. Nick. This year, our primary fundraising activities will be:
o resale of used printer/toner cartridges - the cartridge resale is a year round project and raises about $600/year. Please keep those used and empty cartridges coming!!!.
o a Religious Education Book Sale in October (in time for Christmas gifts). In past years, our Book Sale has been a hit. This year, we will provide a wider selection of books and media, to give you new choices of Catholic Christian materials.
o two “Supper at Isaac's Deli” nights, one in May 2014 and one in April 2015 (see enclosed flyer for upcoming Isaac's May fundraiser);
o o New for this year - an S. Clyde Weaver Sub Coupon Sale, which entitles the bearer to a freshly made sub at the designated locations of S. Clyde Weaver (see enclosed flyer).
I hope that this letter provides you with understandable information regarding the upcoming PRE registration. As always, your feedback and suggestions for program improvement are welcomed!

Your sister in Christ,
Rose Barnas
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