Sunday, February 15, 2015


St. James, Lititz
 Pray for the Sick
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Noelle Ambs, James Anton, Martha Barber, Lorraine Barrett, Bob Bejgrowicz, Russell Boots, Henry Bronczyk, Pat Brust, M/M Buffone, Doug Carr, Alyce Carrigan, Montie Chomeley-Jones, James DeRosa, Klara Dietz, John Engle, Al & Carm Eopechino, Gregory Eyer, Don Fisher, Phil Fisher, Missy Fitz, Richard Fleckenstein, Nick Fulginiti, Julie Gallagher, Ray Gallagher, Bonnie Gaughan, Vicki Gavin, Chase Gergal, Gorman Family, Fran Greenwood, Pat Gufler, Pam Guyette, Lynne Heisey, Mel & Dot Hessler, Nolan Himes, Denny, Fran, Matt Hines & Families, Sally Hoover, John Juba, Dave Karl, Kathy & Amy Kenavan, Joanne Kimball, Mary Kleponis, Linda Kline, Lidia Kosyk, Lorraine Kunz, Danny Lewis, Larry Libonati, Walt Loder, Ken Loechner, Josephine Catherine Lowe, Linda Lowe, Kelly & Olivia Lynch, Kristin MacFarland, Adeline Marie, Thomas Masar, Ana McKenna, Mary Miller, Wayne Moyer, Dot Neuroh, Jean Newlon, John O'Blaney, John Pavlik, George Peroutka, Jerry Peters, David Pfeiffenberger, James Quinn, John Quinn, Janet Rauscher, Mary Read, Paul Rensberger, JoAnn Reynolds, Jimmie & Klara Robbins, Kathryn Rolrman, Jeanne Romer, Jackie Rowell, Paul Sartorelli Sr., Justin Shultz, Jim Schweikert, Geraldine Simchick, Lisa Smith, Owen St. Pierre, Bev Stauffer, Dennis Stauffer, Josie Stork, Pat Sullivan, Rosene Sweigart, Sonja Tangert, Tom Tedrow, Melanie Theisen, Barbara Tshudy, David Tubley, Margie Tueche, John Valley, Doug Winglewich, Matthew Youmans, Kathleen Young, Patricia Young, Marcie Zook, and all others who are not on the list but are still in need of our prayers at this time.

Please Note: the prayer list is limited to parishioners and their family members. Please contact the parish office to update the list. All others will continue to be remembered under Special Intentions & at the end of the list. Thank you.

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